Additional Resources

These additional resources help to bridge scholarship into practice through the translation of research and theory into their practical implications and applications.

LD Resource Community

This Canadian organization is dedicated to creating “a repository archiving Canada's knowledge of learning disabilities, and bring[ing] together all those across the country who are affected directly or indirectly by learning disabilities” (Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, 2001). The Learning Disabilities Resource Community (LDRC) team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds (i.e. learning disabilities, research, education, cognitive science, and technology development) who work together to “provide knowledge-building and communication tools for individuals and groups involved in the education of those with learning disabilities and to support research and development in associated fields” (Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, 2001).  The LDRC also works to bring together individuals with learning disabilities, educational institutions, community organizations, and research centres, in an attempt to develop mutually beneficial relationships between these four groups.  This link between research, practice, and individuals makes the LDRC an important resource for anyone interested in this area, either personally or professionally.

Learning Disabilities Online

LD Online is an educational service dedicated to helping children and adults with learning disabilities “reach their full potential” (WETA, 2008).  Based in the United States, LD Online serves over 200,000 members (including parents, teachers, and professionals in the field), by providing forums for discussion, and suggestions for other resources.  LD Online also provides information (including articles on motivation) and advice from professionals in the field that translates their extensive research and knowledge into more practical applications (WETA, 2008).  This searchable resource is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in finding out more about LD.  

Teaching Exceptional Children

Teaching Exceptional Children (TEC) is a journal published by the Council for Exceptional Children six times a year.  A practical journal, TEC is aimed at teachers, administrators, and parents of exceptional children (children who have learning disabilities or who are gifted), and focuses on current issues in special education, assistive technology, and teaching techniques and applications (Council for Exceptional Children, 2007).  As opposed to more research-based journals, TEC provides readers with practical applications that can be translated into classrooms and learning situations easily and immediately.

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