Key Publications

The following publications, listed in chronological order, are must-reads for anyone interested in the topic of intrinsic motivation in students with learning disabilities.


Intrinsic Motivation,
       written by Edward Deci in 1975

Journal Articles:

The Concept of Intrinsic Motivation: Implications for Practice and Research with the Learning Disabled,
       written by Howard S. Adelman in 1978

The Importance of Motivation for the Future of the LD Field,
       written by Edward L. Deci and Cristine L. Chandler in 1986

Intraindividual Differences in Motivation and Cognition in Students With and Without Learning Disabilities,
       written by Paul Pintrich, Eric Anderman and Cheryl Klobucar in 1994

Intrinsic Motivation and the Student with Learning Disabilities,
       written by Poonam C. Dev in 1996

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