Key Scholarly Journals

Listed in alphabetical order, the following journals contain articles pertinent to the topic of intrinsic motivation in students with learning disabilities.

Journal of Learning Disabilities 

The Journal of Learning Disabilities publishes research articles, intervention articles, feature articles (such as literature reviews and theoretical papers) and special series (which provide in-depth examinations of specific topics).  The “oldest and most prestigious journal in the area of learning disabilities” (Reynolds, 2002, p. 544), the Journal of Learning Disabilities is a multidisciplinary, international journal that has been published bimonthly since 1968, providing readers with a source of information on practice, theory, and research on subjects related to learning disabilities. 

Learning and Motivation

Published quarterly since 1970, Learning and Motivation features experimental studies and theoretical papers addressing learning and motivation in both humans and animals.  Although it does not focus on students with learning disabilities, articles addressing the concept of intrinsic motivation found in this journal provide ideas and inspiration for more specific research that focuses on intrinsic motivation in students with learning disabilities.
 Learning Disability Quarterly 

Published by the Council for Learning Disabilities four times per year since 1977, Learning Disability Quarterly contains scholarly articles and research about individuals with learning disabilities.  In the summer of 2006, this journal published a special issue on Motivation in Learning Disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

Learning Disabilities Research & Practice
provides articles on children and adults with learning disabilities, including information about assessment, instruction, and characteristics of learning disabilities.  Published on behalf of the Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children, this journal has separate sections for research and practical applications.  

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