Poonam C. Dev, Ph.D. 

Poonam C. Dev, Ph.D.
Poonam C. Dev’s research and articles on intrinsic motivation in students with learning disabilities (LD) make her a leading scholar in this domain. She was the first to conduct a literature review specifically dedicated to the topic of academic intrinsic motivation in students with learning disabilities (Dev, 1996), an area that had previously been under-explored.  Dev’s additional work, for example, her research on the implications of intrinsic motivation in students with LD for classroom teachers (Dev, 1997), has contributed to the dearth of research in this area, and has provided insights that can be used by researchers, practitioners and teachers.

Dev has taught elementary students with various types/degrees of disability, students without special needs, student teachers in special education, and teacher education students, over the last 22 years (Dev, n.d.).  She has supervised and instructed in Special Education at Purdue University, and has also been the Director of the Special Education Clinic at Nazareth College.  Currently, Dr. Dev is an Associate Professor of Education at Nazareth College, where she is currently working with Master’s students.   

Dev’s research focuses on students with learning disabilities; she is specifically concerned with issues of self-concept, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, attribution training, and curriculum design, as well as the issues of inclusive settings for students with LD, and special education teacher training (Dev, n.d.).

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